Dec 202012

Well, it’s only 5 sleeps to go till you can all see what Father Christmas bought you this year (if you were good that is).

Bikabele Bear is excited, because he hopes to get an early gift. The new website is looking good, and likely to be launched before Christmas, and before all little bears take a short break.

We’ve just had a facebook message through from “Comink”. He’s now essentially left the Klungkung orphanage and works down at the Airport, however he loves to return often to see his younger brothers and sisters and spend some time with them. He’s told me for Christmas he is going to go to Klungkung, and cook them all a special Nasi Goreng meal and have some fun with them all there. Isn’t that sweet. So even though for the Hindu children at Klungkung, which is the majority, it really isn’t their Christmas at all, but they too will have their own special little celebration. Sweet :)

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  1. Good on you Comink, that’s lovely

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