Nov 282012

Yes you can meet the child that you sponsor in Bikabele’s Hearing Aid Program! Many a sponsor who has decided to holiday in Bali, has taken the opportunity to go and meet with their young sponsored child, at their orphanage.

It’s one of the very wonderful parts of our program – have personal contact.
We are creating a page on the new website “Visiting the Orphanages” under the “About Bikabele” menu heading that will detail the process. We can promise you, you will love meeting your child, just as much as your child enjoys meeting you!

  3 Responses to “Yes you can meet your child!”

  1. How fabulous…that’s a win win situation *smiles*

  2. This article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new information. You sound a very genuine charity and I’ll work to become involved and help :)

    • Thanks so much Lemos…as genuine as any can be, with 100% of donations going direct to the benefit of the children. You can’t get too much more genuine than this we belive…plus we have a huge love for the children :)

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