Jan 032013

Hello to all our child sponsors in the Hearing Aid Program.

Great News at last!
Your child has their very own page on our new website, where we’d like to keep you up to date.

Please go to the Hearing Aid Program under “Our Projects”….scroll down and find your child, and click on their photo. Their own page will open up.

We have included an overview and a library of photos..and updates will come through now as regular as we receive feedback on your child, or we get some new photos.

A huge improvement, which we hope you will enjoy. Please leave your comments on our blog so we know if you are enjoying this new facility.

Have a great day!

Dec 312012

Happy New Year to all our friends, supporters and sponsors, we thank you for your wonderful and ongoing support and wish you all health and happiness in 2013.

To all our children, their carers and families : Selamat Tahun Baru, dari Bikabele cinta.

To Wayan, Ketut, Komang and family, and to Paulina and family, and to the Lumina team… Selamat Tahun Baru, trims kita dan cinta selalu.

Dec 252012

On behalf of Bill, Kay, Bev, Leanne & families and all our children in Bali and their carers, Bikabele Bear would like to wish each and every one of you a truly Happy Christmas with lots of love, happiness and good cheer xxxx

Dec 222012

Welcome to our new website.  If you’ve arrived on this page and were a previous visitor, you’ll notice things are quite different.   We are literally hours now away from announcing our new website launch.

We still have things to tweak on various pages and to get all the settings correct for donations, shopping online, etc, however, feel free to browse…drop us a note please if you would like to be advised when the site becomes fully live and operational.  We’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile you may contact us through the Contact us page at the moment, if you’d like to check with us on anything.

Dec 202012

Well, it’s only 5 sleeps to go till you can all see what Father Christmas bought you this year (if you were good that is).

Bikabele Bear is excited, because he hopes to get an early gift. The new website is looking good, and likely to be launched before Christmas, and before all little bears take a short break.

We’ve just had a facebook message through from “Comink”. He’s now essentially left the Klungkung orphanage and works down at the Airport, however he loves to return often to see his younger brothers and sisters and spend some time with them. He’s told me for Christmas he is going to go to Klungkung, and cook them all a special Nasi Goreng meal and have some fun with them all there. Isn’t that sweet. So even though for the Hindu children at Klungkung, which is the majority, it really isn’t their Christmas at all, but they too will have their own special little celebration. Sweet :)

Nov 282012

Yes you can meet the child that you sponsor in Bikabele’s Hearing Aid Program! Many a sponsor who has decided to holiday in Bali, has taken the opportunity to go and meet with their young sponsored child, at their orphanage.

It’s one of the very wonderful parts of our program – have personal contact.
We are creating a page on the new website “Visiting the Orphanages” under the “About Bikabele” menu heading that will detail the process. We can promise you, you will love meeting your child, just as much as your child enjoys meeting you!

Nov 282012

We are looking forward to launching our new concept whereby supporters can shop online with a couple of supporter’s products, and by doing so, a percentage is returned to Bikabele, to assist funding our ongoing work.
More on this soon. It’s a win-win situation, that we are very excited and also very grateful to be able to provide, thanks to some wonderful support.

Nov 282012

Our monthly reports are in from Bali.
Our Hearing specialist team visit both orphanages once a month to check on all the children in our Bikabele Hearing Aid Program, and they are now providing us with some wonderful reports.
November reports have been received on children who had hearing tests, ear checks, hearing aid checks and minor repairs, and replacement batteries supplied.
Time for us to start reading through. We hope very soon to be able to provide this information on the new website for the sponsors of each child.

Nov 282012

The Bear is always happy to receive donations of “pre-loved Hearing Aids”. When we receive these hearing aids, we hand them over to our Bali based hearing specialists, who register the serial number of all aids, then fully test each aid and provide us with a report on how many units can be used, and what ones may no longer be useful, and why. The majority of hearing aids can be used to help in a variety of situations.

All donated hearing aids are put to the best use possible, for poorer, underprivileged families, who otherwise couldn’t afford hearing aids for a child, or perhaps for a replacement for one of the orphanage children in our program, who may have somehow damaged their hearing aid or need their aids serviced.

The important thing is these aids are always passed onto the hearing specialists, who (with consultation to Bikabele) can control the correct fitting of the hearing aids to the needy. Bikabele funds the making of new moulds, tubes as required, and new batteries, and we ensure the aids are always fitted by professionals.

So if you have a family member who has upgraded their own hearing aids, and is unsure what to do with their old hearing aids…please don’t hesitate to contact us, we certainly can ensure they get put to good use by someone who can not afford the expense of new aids and otherwise would remain in a world of silence.


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Nov 282012

Sometimes a supporter comes along, supports Bikabele, and they feel overwhelmed when they visit the children at one of the orphanages we support, they go on to contribute in their own way, direct with the orphanage. Bikabele certainly has no problems with this, we love the fact that the children receive their support, it doesn’t matter in what form or how that is provided, the important thing is, they are helping the kids.

Recently Sas & David donated a new washing machine to the Semara Putra Orphanage in Klungkung…what a lovely donation that we are certain both the carers and the children of Klungkung are very appreciative. Thank you for caring for the children of Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Sas & David.

Nov 282012

Have you liked our correct Facebook page? The first page we ever set up is incorrect and you may still have that one. Please like the newer FB page, which is the correct format page for Charities such as Bikabele Cares for Kids Inc. The link is
We hope to see you on there, if indeed you are a Facebook user. Thanks

Nov 282012

Welcome to Bikabele Bear’s new Blog. We welcome your subscription to stay up to date with news snippets through The Bear Blog. With the enormous help of i-TechnoWeb we have a new website being developed which we are keen to incorporate some improvements that you might enjoy.
More soon ….